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Advantages of Buying Used Knives

Some people hear the words “used” and “pre-owned” and cringe. They associate the words with a knife that is damaged or less-than-perfect. Here at KnifeHub, we work diligently to make sure that the used knives we offer are only the best. We assess each knife we buy, and ensure that we only quality. While some may still be hesitant to purchase a pre-owned blade, there are some definite pros to buying used. 

When the buyers here at KnifeHub buy pre-owned knives from customers, they look for specific factors. First of all, what is it? What condition is it in? We check the handle for scratches and the blade for any chips or imperfections. We also test the action to make sure it is working properly. Next, we check the retail price and what the market for that particular item is. Once we check all these boxes, if everything looks good, we purchase the knife.

For those collectors looking to save money during the holiday season while still adding some unique items to their collection, pre-owned knives present the perfect solution. A lot of knives we buy from collectors have never been carried and simply sat in their showcase at home until their owners decided to sell them. This means there are many used knives that were actually never “used”. Because of this, the next buyer is getting a like-new knife for less cost.

Because most of the used knives that KnifeHub purchases from customers are very lightly used, they are also just as dependable as new knives. As mentioned above, most knife collectors do not use their knives for much more than display items. This means that the next owner will be obtaining a like-knew blade for a fraction of the cost.

One of the reasons people buy used knives would be the fact that they can find knives that have been designed by world-renowned designers such as Chris Reeve and Jens Anso. There is also the chance to find rare or discontinued knives for a good price such as the Microtech Combat Troodon Sandtrooper, a Don Cowles Custom, and a Lone Wolf Paul Perfecto. All three of these are available right now on

Another honorable mention is the Microtech Warhound Christmas edition. Microtech only made 70 of these knives, meaning they are extremely rare. KnifeHub acquired the last one made. While this knife is brand new, one of the ways that collectors can obtain one is to buy used once they have been in circulation for a while.

Although some do not trust previously owned knives, there is a large and ever-growing market that does. We consistently receive high-quality blades for affordable prices that collectors can get excited about. One of our goals here at KnifeHub is to continue to build community connections with blade enthusiasts. Because of this, we strive to offer an extensive line of quality, pre-owned knives. View our collection on!

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