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Microtech's New Ram-Lok and what it is

Known for their high-quality, out-the-front knives, Microtech continues to grow their selection of finely crafted blades. Among the first to benefit from this is KnifeHub and therefore, our customers. Although they are mainly recognized for their out-the-front knives, Microtech offers a wide array of cutlery for EDC. Made from tough M390 steel, these blades continue to be the cutting edge of the knife industry. Among the newest members of the Microtech family are the manual MSI’s and RAM-Lok Stitches

Microtech recently developed its own cross bar lock, the RAM-Lok. Similar to the Benchmade Axis lock, the RAM-Lok features a crossbar lock that functions using coil springs. The user operates the lock by pulling down on the signature X-button grip pads found on either side of the handle. These buttons give the owner plenty of surface area to use the lock. Once the RAM-Lok is engaged, the knife’s blade swings freely on its pivot. This new locking mechanism is easy to use and durable.

Featuring Microtech’s newest RAM-Lok technology, the MSI (Microtech Standard Issue) hit the shelves this year. With a blade made of their new M390MK steel, and a handle made of G-10, the MSI is the perfect manual folding knife for everyday carry. Coming in just under $200, this knife promises not to break the bank while being impressively dependable. 

Microtech took their classic automatic Stitch, and installed their new RAM-Lok technology to create the RAM-Lok Stitch manual folder. Featuring the same reversible pocket clip and textured G-10 or Carbon Fiber handle as the original Stitch, the RAM-Lok Stitch offers reliability and utility to the everyday user. The blade is unfolded using either the RAM-Lok or the convenient thumb hole that is cut into the blade. Made from the new Bohler M390MK steel, the blade is tough and retains an edge well.

Microtech continues to stay ahead in an ever-changing industry. From announcing their new steel to creating the RAM-Lok, this company keeps things interesting. Check out our Microtech offerings in store or on!  

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