There are survival knives, and there are real survival knives. Our models F1, S1 and A1 have served us for twenty years and due to their outstanding quality and durability, they will continue to do so for many years to come. Nevertheless, our ambition has been to strive for continuous improvement and it has led to the new Pro series that takes the concept of survival knife to unhealthy heights. We started to develop these impressive knives in 2010 and five years later, we could finally offer three survival knives that set a new standard for a true survival knife to look and function: the Pro Series.


To put it simple - a knife is a blade and a shaft. But if this important tool is to be both strong and tight, you need to use real-world advanced materials and have a long and deep experience when it comes to tough knives. If you also want to claim a "professional" knife, you take a lot of responsibility towards the user. It can handle the Pro series.


The Pro Series of F1, S1 and A1 differs from its predecessors in the following key details:


  • The laminated VG10 steel is replaced by a laminated cobalt special steel (Lamb CoS), which ensures a strong egg with very good sharpness.
  • The sheets are consistently thicker, which gives increased twist stiffness - they can handle even more stresses than before.
  • The tapered forceps are wider and thicker and therefore significantly stronger.
  • The pair of rods are made of stainless steel and permanently mounted on the pliers.
  • The convex edge has been refined for improved cutting properties.
  • Zytelslidorna are newly designed, which means they are more durable and better suited for Molle fastening systems.
  • The knives are delivered with our best-selling combination brush, DC4. It offers both a diamond cutter and a ceramic stone for field sharpening.
  • The blades are packed in shockproof, waterproof boxes that can be used for smart phone storage, GPS, documents, survival equipment and much more.


Obviously, these knives end up in a higher price range. But given the outstanding quality they are by no means overpriced. A professional survival knife will work in all weather and we really mean all the weather. It should also be comfortable, safe and comfortable to handle whether it is fine or rough work, desert heat or polar yarn. We have considered everything in the design of this absolutely superb knife and we therefore provide lifetime warranty for material and manufacturing errors.

Fallkniven F1 Pro

SKU: 26369
  • Steel

    Lame. CoS

    Hardness (HRC)





    Consistent wide toenail





    Weight, only knife (g)


    Blade length (mm)


    Sheet thickness (mm)


    Total length (mm)



    Stainless steel