Beauty and function. These two words bring to mind different images to different people. Architects think buildings, engineers picture construction projects, knife people think sharp and shiny things, like the Spyderco C28PT Dragonfly Stainless Tattoo with dragonfly etching. Like all Spyderco Dragonflys its cutting ability far surpasses its diminutive package and innocuous name. It starts with a functional VG-10 blade and an all stainless steel handle. Then it's beautified with bright poly-chromatic dragonfly art etched into the handle. The VG-10 full flat-ground blade is 2-1/4" inches of cutting aptitude with a cusp on the blade's spine to naturally position the thumb in control over the sharp edge. Blade and handle geometry create a variety of grip angles and leveraging points so when held and used the knife feels and reacts like a larger tool in the hand. Even the position of the Spyderco Round Hole, relative to the pivot, is precise for smooth opening, hitting all the correct pressure points in the hand ergonomically. It carries right-hand tip-up with a steel pocket clip that can also be used as a money clip.

Spyderco Dragonfly Tattoo C28PT

SKU: 27394
  • Overall Length: 5.5 " (140mm)

    Blade Length: 2.313 " (59mm)

    Steel: VG-10

    Closed Length: 3.188 " (81mm)

    Edge Length: 1.875 " (48mm)

    Weight: 2.6.oz (74g)

    Blade Thickness: .093 " (2.5mm)

    Handle: Stainless Steel

    Clip Position: Right

    Tip Carry Position: Tip-Up

    Lock Type: Back Lock

    Grind: Full-Flat

    Sheath: N/A

    Origin: Japan