About us

We love knives. We carry em', we use em', and we can't wait for the next chance to ship one to you. Located in Waterford, Michigan, we have a showroom and an eager staff with a passion for everything blades. We don't charge for shipping, and all orders are shipped out as fast as possible. Thanks for being one of our customers!

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operations manager

Justin oversees the website, marketing, in-store and online inventory, and produces YouTube content for KnifeHub. 




office manager

Jamie makes sure every knife that comes into the building is sorted into our inventory perfectly, and that each blade is inspected and ready to be sold or displayed.




knife expert

Jonathan knows more about knives than any of us - because he crafts his own very fine line of fixed blades! He works the showroom alongside our sales team, and there's no question he

can't answer.


our showroom

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Come see us and our store!

5217 Dixie Highway

Waterford MI 48329


M-F: 10AM - 7PM

Saturday: 10AM - 6PM

Sunday: 10AM - 3PM