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Check out these manual knives!

A large number of people love knives that operate with no bells and whistles. Just your basic, dependable knives. Just about all of the knife manufacturers offer both automatic and manual knives. Here at Knifehub, the selection of manual knives is extensive, and we have a knife for everyone. Recently, we have received a few new manuals that will be mentioned here.

First up is a Protech Malibu Flipper with a green aluminum handle boasting the dragon scale texture and a black, DLC blade. The steel used to make the reverse tanto-shaped blade is 20CV, making it tough and highly resistant to chipping. The ceramic ball bearings in the opening mechanism allow the blade to pivot effortlessly, and the button lock makes for an easy one-handed close. Overall, this knife impresses anyone who handles it. 

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Benchmade’s AXIS lock system, the company has recently introduced the Seven Ten 710 Recurve. This knife is impressive. Featuring a four inch blade made of MagnaCut steel coated in FDE PVC, this tool is designed to get attention. The aluminum handle measures just under 5 inches, and fits nicely in the user's grasp. To round it all off, the AXIS lock continues to be dependable and easy-to-use. Purchase yours today at!

Last, but definitely not least, we have Microtech’s Manual Socom Elite. While not exactly new to Microtech’s lineup, this tool still deserves a mention. This manual folding knife combines utility with form, and the result is stunning. The blade features a clip point shape and Microtech’s premium M390 steel. The handle is aluminum and has textured inlays giving the user a firm grasp. It’s easy to see why this knife is popular in the US Special Forces groups.

The 3 knives mentioned above are only a snapshot of our offering here at We like to think that we have a knife for everyone, no matter what you are looking for. Check out our entire stock on!

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