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Benchmade's water collection

With the weather warming up, we are headed into boating season! With boats comes fishing. Benchmade has made it their mission to create the perfect collection of knives for your adventures on the water. It looks like they've done just that. We’ve gotten a few of these in stock  here at KnifeHub, and I will introduce them below.

First up, we have the Fishcrafter. This impressive filet knife comes in both a 9 and 7 inch blade. The handle is made of santoprene, which feels like rubber, and the jimping stamped into the handle keeps the knife firmly in your hand as you work. The trailing point blade is made of Magnacut steel which means it is corrosion resistant and will hold up well around water. One thing that I immediately noticed is how impossibly thin the blade is while still having a lot of bend in it, making this tool perfect for cutting around bones while cleaning fish.

Both Fishcrafter models come with a matching sheath that has a couple different mounting options, and Benchmade also included a hole drilled in the bottom to allow water to drain. On a side note, the colors of both the knives’ handles and the sheath match as well. These knives are impressive tools for all your fileting needs.

Another member of Benchmade’s Water Series is the Adira. This knife also has a smaller counterpart, the Mini Adira. The Adira is the perfect tool for anyone who considers themselves a fisherman. The heavy duty folding blade is made of Magnacut steel meaning it will hold up well in wet environments. The grivory handle scales fit nicely in the users’ hand and are textured to prevent slipping. With an open length of 9 inches, this knife can be used in many applications on the boat. The orange lanyard not only helps make it easy to draw from pocket, it also makes the knife more visible if dropped. The Mini Adira is a scaled down version of the full size and measures about 7.5 inches when open.

I really have nothing bad to say about this collection by Benchmade. The knives are well-made from high quality materials. They serve their purpose well, and look good doing it. Be sure and check them out on!

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