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Protechs from Blade show 2024!

A couple of weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to attend Blade Show 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. I met a lot of awesome people and handled a ton of new knives. While it would take a long time to talk about all the knives coming out, one manufacturer stands out, as usual. Protech. Known for their creativity and innovation, this company continues to make stunning blades. Celebrating their 25th anniversary has led to several impressive knives. Below are three that I was able to pick up at the show. They’re awesome!

One of my favorite Protechs that are new to is a Runt 5….in tiffany blue! Needless to say, it’s beautiful! I purchased one at Blade Show after I fell in love. The knife also boasts a Magnacut steel blade. It fires smoothly, as do all Protechs, and the textured handle keeps it firmly in your grasp. Measuring just over five inches in length when open, this knife is compact and perfect for everyday carry in a pocket or purse.

I also managed to snag a couple of PDW Invictus at the show as well. These are beautiful knives with gray aluminum handles and a mother of pearl push button. The handles contain grooves to provide more traction and prevent slipping. These knives also include a lock to ensure that the blade does not accidentally deploy. The spear-point blade is MagnaCut with a stonewashed finish. The pocket clip is non-reversible, so this is a right-hand carry only.  The handle measures about 4.75 inches, meaning this knife fits well in a pocket. 

Check this bad boy out! If you’re thinking this is a Malibu Custom, you would be correct. This beauty comes with a 7075 aluminum handle showcasing the Nexus pattern and a mother of pearl button lock. I can’t get enough of the MagnaCut steel blade with the mirror finish. The action is incredibly smooth and almost effortless. Weighing in at just 3 ounces, this knife is perfect for everyday use and built to last. 

While I saw a lot of awesome new knives at Blade Show, these Protechs are definitely among the favorites. Well-made and beautiful, they are show-stoppers. Not to mention that the staff at Protech are knowledgeable and friendly! Check out our entire collection of Protech knives at

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