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Best Affordable EDC Knives Found on

 Here at KnifeHub, we believe that you should never leave the house without your knife. Because of this belief, we’ve made it our goal to carry a wide variety of EDC pocket knives. Below are 5 of our best folding knives that can be found in-store and on

Spyderco Delica 4:Yet another affordable, dependable offering from Spyderco. The Delica 4 is the perfect size for an EDC knife while being tough. The lightweight handle is made from FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon), and is available in a wide range of colors with blue being my personal favorite. Made with VG-10 steel, the blade is exceptionally hard and retains its edge very well. With a closed length of 4.25”, the Delica 4 fits easily into your pocket for everyday carry. Check out the different color options on!

Microtech MSI: Introducing the Microtech MSI (Microtech Standard Issue)! The blade is composed of the new Microtech-exclusive steel- M390MK. This steel is said to have better edge retention and be more corrosion resistant than the standard M390 steel, but studies are still being done. The MSI opens and closes using Microtech’s personal new crossbar lock, the RAM-Lock. 

The Wharncliffe-style blade contains a thumb window, not unlike Spyderco’s thumb hole, for ambidextrous opening. Because it comes with a reversible pocket clip, the Microtech MSI is designed for either right or left-handed users. By far, this is one of the best new EDC knives on the market.

Kershaw Blur: Coming in at around $75, the Kershaw Blur is a great knife for everyday carry. With a blade made of 14C28N Steel, the USA-made Blur is resistant to corrosion and wear while retaining an edge well. The grip fits well in most hands and is made of anodized aluminum with Trac-Tec inserts to keep it from slipping. Opened with ambidextrous thumb studs, the spring-assist on this knife makes it incredibly easy to open with one hand. The Blur is easily one of the best, affordable EDC knives that Kershaw has produced to date.

Kizer Chili Pepper: The Kizer Chili Pepper is aptly named for its resemblance to a chili pepper. This knife comes with a G10 handle in either red or green. The blade is opened using thumb studs and/or the button lock. The 154CM steel blade is easy to sharpen,tough, and corrosion resistant. Priced below $100, this knife would make a great Christmas gift for the knife-lover in your life.

Benchmade Mini Bugout: Benchmade scaled down its original Bugout to produce the Mini Bugout. This EDC pocket knife is light, weighing in at only 1.5 oz. The blade is deployed and held in place by Benchmade’s special Axis lock. The Mini Bugout’s handle is made of Grivory, a thermo-plastic, fiberglass reinforced material that is highly resistant to heat and impact. The blade is composed of CPM-S30V steel which is tough, resistant to corrosion, and has a high grind ability. With a wide-variety of colors available, the Mini Bugout is an affordable option for your next EDC knife.

This list is a great start when looking for a reliable EDC pocket knife. While these are only five affordable options for an everyday carry pocket knife, there are plenty of other great knives to be found on, such as the Civivi Elementum and the Bestechman Ronan. Check us out online or come visit us in-store! 

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