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Chaves knives: high quality Blades at affordable prices

For years, Ramon Chaves has been crafting high-quality knives that the everyday consumer can afford. He started designing knives in high school, and built the knives he designed. After teaming up with China-based Reate Knives, Ramon Chaves continues to offer very reliable, finely crafted blades at an affordable price. Founded by knife-maker, David Deng, Reate Knives is well-known for its offering of high-quality knives. Knifehub offers a variety of Chaves knives and pens online and in store.

  The full-sized Redencion 229 is the ultimate EDC that Chaves offers. With its titanium handle and M390 steel, the 229 Kickstop is one tough knife. The tanto-shaped blade pivots smoothly with the help of ball bearings and is activated using the Lee Williams-designed Kickstop flipper. When opened, the blade is held securely in place by the knife’s frame lock. The smooth metal handle fits snuggly in the user’s hand and the sharp, polished blade slices easily while retaining a solid edge.

Coming in just a little smaller than the Redencion 229, the RCK9 makes the perfect EDC. It features a blade made of Bohler M390 steel and a classic drop point shape. The titanium handle is durable and corrosion resistant. Opened with the ambidextrous thumb studs, and held in place by the sturdy frame lock, the RCK9 is easy to operate. The knife not only comes with the Chaves customary skull clip, but also a replaceable standard clip. With its compact design and high-quality materials, the Chaves RCK9 makes a great EDC.

  Not to be out-done by Microtech, Chaves designed their own line of ink pens: the Ultramar Bolt Action Pen. Made from titanium, the frame of the pens is smooth and sleek. It fits nicely in the writer’s grasp and the bolt action is easy to use and reliable. Overall, the design of the pen is streamlined and elegant. Featuring Chaves’ unique skull clip, the Ultramar Bolt Action Pen is a practical addition to anyone’s EDC.

Many knife lovers expressed concern when Chaves joined forces with Chinese-based Reate Knives. Despite the fact that the knives are now produced out-of-country, their quality continues to outshine many other knife manufacturers. Reate Knives is known in the industry for their attention to detail and durability. As mentioned above, they are made with the finest quality materials and some of the best steel available at an affordable price to consumers. offers a good selection of Chaves knives for the best price around!

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