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New Firearms Laws in Michigan 2024

As of February 13th, 2024, there are a few new laws regarding the sale and storage of firearms in the state of Michigan. Here at, we are taking a break from our typical blogs about knives to inform Michigan residents about the changes that took place recently. Anyone with further questions can call Wicked Trigger Firearms in Waterford, Michigan.

To begin, Anyone who wishes to purchase a handgun or AR-style pistol and does not possess a CPL (concealed pistol license), will need to first obtain a License to Purchase (LTP) from their local police or sheriff’s department. They will then bring that license to the gun shop before it expires and purchase the handgun. This does not apply to long gun purchases.

When selling a pistol privately in the state of Michigan, if the buyer has a CPL, the seller is responsible for filling out and submitting a Firearm Sales Record (RI-060) to law enforcement within 10 days following the sale. In the case of private long gun sales, if the buyer has a CPL, the seller is responsible for completing the RI-060, including the buyer’s CPL number.

If the buyer does not have a CPL, they are required to first go get a License to Purchase, and the seller will complete the LTP and turn in the law enforcement copy. It is not necessary to submit the paperwork to law enforcement for the private sale of a long gun, but the seller must complete the LTP.

Building an AR-style pistol: When buying a lower receiver or handgun frame from an FFL, no CPL or LTP is required at the time of purchase. However, once the pistol is built, if the owner has a CPL, they will need to fill out a RI-060 and submit it to their local law enforcement. If the owner does not have a CPL, they will need to obtain a License to Purchase, fill it out, and submit it to their local law enforcement. 

Safe Storage in the home: While everyone should practice safe firearms storage while at home, Michigan recently updated the laws concerning storing firearms in homes where there are minors under the age of 18. If this is the case, firearms owners are required to store their guns unloaded and locked in a unit meant for gun storage. A pamphlet outlining these rules is attached to this link.

As with most changes to the law, this is a transition period, and many people have questions. The team here at Wicked Trigger Firearms/KnifeHub is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We strive to assist people in navigating the changes as smoothly as possible.

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