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New year, new knife: Is it time to upgrade your EDC?

With the start of a new year comes the beginning of many new year’s resolutions. Here at KnifeHub, we’ve made some resolutions of our own. One of which is to continue to bring our valued customers the best new EDC knives on the market. We are constantly looking to grow our inventory and increase the selection of quality blades that we offer. In this blog we will focus on three things to consider when selecting a new everyday carry knife.

When choosing to upgrade your EDC at the beginning of the year, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of which is steel. With constant research and development being done, new steels are being produced. One of the newest steels to hit the market is Microtech’s exclusive M390MK. Said to have better edge retention, corrosion resistance, and polishing, this new Bohler steel is the cutting edge of steels. Featured on Microtech’s new MSI and RAM-Lok Stitch, the M390MK steel would be a perfect steel for everyday use. Another good steel for your EDC is CPM S35VN. What makes this a premium steel is its edge retention, ease of sharpening, and corrosion resistance. Knifehub carries knives made with high-quality steel at the most affordable price. 

Another feature to consider is the handle material on your EDC. Knife handles are normally made of one of three different materials: natural, metal, or synthetic. Natural wood or bone handles are more traditional, and commonly found on high-end custom knives. Bark River Knives also offer a selection of wood handles on their knives. Metal handles are nice in that they are durable and corrosion resistant, however, because they lack texture, they tend to slide around in the user’s grasp. This can cause problems when using.

Some of the more common synthetic handle materials are micarta, carbon fiber and G-10. Micarta is made from soaking strips of fabric in resin, which produces a very hard material while also being light. Patterns are often cut into the handle to give it texture and make it less likely to slide around when being held. Because it is a little labor intensive to produce, knives with Micarta handles tend to be more expensive. Carbon fiber is made from weaving strips of melted carbon and setting in resin. This handle material is extremely light and heat-resistant. Same as Micarta, carbon fiber handles require a lot of work to produce and will often be costly. G-10 is made from woven fiberglass strands in an epoxy resin. The material is then baked. It is extremely durable and heat resistant while being waterproof. One of the most iconic knives featuring a G-10 handle is the Spyderco's Paramilitary 2.

The last important thing to consider when choosing your 2024 EDC that we will mention here, is blade shape. When selecting which blade shape you want, it is important to note what you will be primarily using your knife for. The classic drop point blade, commonly found on Benchmade’s Bugout, is great for slicing boxes open. The pointed tip of the tanto blade makes it more convenient for piercing, and some people even use it to pry objects open. One of our favorite knives featuring a tanto shaped blade is Protech’s E7T05- Auto. If you only plan to be using your knife to cut, and wish to do so without risk of piercing anything, your best bet would be the sheepsfoot blade shape. Because this blade shape does not have a point, it is great to use for cutting without puncturing. One of the best knives featuring a sheepsfoot blade at is the Artisan Cutlery Ravine with the M390 blade steel. No matter what your task is, Knifehub has a knife for the occasion!

While choosing a new EDC can feel daunting, the team here at Knifehub is dedicated to helping you find the perfect blade. With choices for everyone, we try to make the decision as seamless as possible by offering a large selection of the best quality knives at a price you can afford. Check out our entire selection in store or on!

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